Blog by Dr. Vishakha Iyer

The adage “You are what you eat” is more accurate than you think.

This colourful fruit platter is an example of how, nature can be used for an abundant supply of antioxidants.

Best benefits of these are:

1. Maintains Youthful Skin
2. Helps to Build Collagen
3. Improves Immune System
4. Improves Skin Health & Radiance
5. High Fibre Content Makes You Feel Full and Helps Prevent Unhealthy Binging
6. Fights Acne

Add these beautiful fruits , to your daily food platter and bypass early signs of ageing

Multiple uses of bountiful nature :

  • Combine your favourite fruits with green veggies to make an innovative juice .
    I personally combine the seasonally available fruits with SPINACH /KALE& GOOSEBERRIES - to get a cup full of good health.
  • Remnants in the sieve can be used as a FACE MASK in combination with gram flour, skin essential oils etc.

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